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Hi, I’m Prof. Carl. I have a Ph.D. in Health and Medicine. In my first year of medical school, I learned such disciplines as Toxicology and Dietetics, which made me decide to pursue this line of work and transfer into the Ph.D. program. Beyond research and medicine, and in addition to the time I spend teaching at university, I help students with their dissertations and paperwork. Thus, my knowledge gained during so many years always comes in handy.


Health and Medicine Nursing Oral Medicine Toxicology Pharmacy Nutrition Optometry Genetics
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Brian (30 orders)


Great work as always.

User #3847402 (1 orders)


Thank you!

User #2952521 (19 orders)


Thanks, guys :)

User #3832527 (36 orders)


Excellent paper, thank you writer!!!

User #3844568 (14 orders)


I am so grateful for your company and all the support from the staff that you have employed to aid me in my time of need.

Amber (16 orders)


Best Paper I have ever received. Bravo to this writer. Promotion...seriously. I've been using this service for 5 months, def the best. Thank you.

User #13837 (24 orders)


I'm really satisfied with the work. Thank you so much!!

User #3847708 (1 orders)


My personal statement proofread/edit came out great! Writer listened to my instructions very well after some misunderstandings in the first preview. My sentence structures were greatly improved. I just need to do some finishing touches to make it my own and it will be perfect. Support is present and ready to help 24/7. Really good for its price!

User #3847502 (4 orders)


I love them and the work they do.

Francisco M. (20 orders)


Great work really appreciate it

User #38611 (3 orders)


my paper was great and I got an A+ on my previous paper written by this writer. thank you for lowering some of my stress during finals.

Francisco (16 orders)


You guys never fail to be on time and professional. Your work speaks volunes and I thank you for it!

Wesley Hendrix (1 orders)


The work was wonderful and completed in a timely fashion!

Anthony (21 orders)


Being active duty military and trying to finish my AAS has been extremely time consuming and tedious with only being able to take 1 class every few months due to time constraints. Essay Market has helped my finish several assignments that I am plenty capable of doing my self but do not have the time due to my job in the military. Thank you! Paper is great!

User #3860 (1 orders)


Thank You so much I had little to no time to do this it was dropped last second :)

User #3860780 (2 orders)


I was skeptical at first about this top label, but I am beyond satisfied. Totally exceeded my expectations. Thanks to this man I am confident I will pass my class.

User #3860 (1 orders)


I'll need to do a bit of revision but the topic I submitted was extremely off the wall and nobody outside of my industry could have possibly had a better grasp on the subject. I am EXTREMELY satisfied!!!

User #1411 (44 orders)


This writer has finally done an awesome job and made a longtime customer the happiest person in the world right now. Please please allow this writer to continue working with me on all my projects. Thank you writer. i really appreciate your work. Do you have any discounts for being a loyal customer? :)

User #3845032 (192 orders)


Writer is one of the best!

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