Refund Policy

The website is responsible for delivering the product in a timely manner and in accordance with the initial order details. Should any of the company's guarantees be violated, the Customer is eligible to a partial or a full compensation according to our Money Back Guarantee Policy.

The Customer is eligible for a refund in cases where:

The Customer cannot ask for a refund in cases when:

Partial approval

If the completed paper does not meet all your requirements or you have faced serious issues, content and quality wise, you are allowed to request a partial approval of the freelance writer’s bid. You should choose the percent/amount of deposited funds that should be released to the writer and provide comment on what was wrong. The remaining sum will be automatically forwarded to the personal account as credits you can use next time. The remaining credits could also be returned to the card upon special Customer’s appeal.

Order Cancellation

To cancel the order the Customer needs to inform the support representative about their decision. The paid amount could be deposited to a personal account on the platform or returned directly to the card. Once the Company's representative confirms the refund, the company will process it within 5-7 business days. Please note that the company is not responsible for your payment processor’s fees, taxes, or any extra payments held by the Bank. VAT is non-refundable. Credit (amount deposited on the platform) does not have an expiration date. Refund can be requested during sixth months after the date of transaction